Strong, reliable, stylish.

The Tomkostage mobile stage and TAF covers are one of, if not the most versatile designs available on the market in the top category. The through-bolt, leg- and sheet-clamp-free design provides a market-leading load-to-weight ratio, while the ingenious leg design provides flexible deployment for a wide range of applications. Extensive mobile stage references prove its flexibility. Among others, it can be used to build a grandstand system, a multi-level stage, a camera stand, a judge's stand, a car ramp and much more at speeds faster than any other stage system​

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Extra strong LED wall mount for high wind load applications

Four-point, four-legged structure fixed with an enlarged ballast.

Outdoor theatre use to build a multi-level stage​

Multi-level stage system for outdoor theatre use, enclosed by railings and stairs

Tomkostage TS3 mobile stage for concert

Tomkostage TS3 main stage concert

Unique curved aluminium structure for exhibition purposes.

Custom designed and manufactured unique curved aluminium structure.

TAF festival roof

Heavy-duty, high-coverage staging for the largest events.

TAF expo structure

Custom made, aluminium exhibition structure.

​Tomkostage mobile stage systems are ideal for supporting elegant interior design solutions. With optional tiling, side coverings and the ability to create multi-level platforms quickly and easily, they are a great help for our interior design partners. 

It can be the perfect addition to halls, auditoriums, theatres, castles.

Unique fixed staircase with clear tread

Tomkostage elegant staircase with unique walking surface, built using the L-adapters used for multi-level grandstand construction

Mobile stage with black cover​

Tomkostage elegant mobile stage with black side cover and standard honeycomb walking surface

Elegance in light tones

Tomkostage elegant, light-covered mobile stage

Stage with inner lighting

Buy special mobile stage with illuminated side cover

Bright white mobile stage with unique cover

Világos fehér mobil színpad egyedi borítással

Stair cladding and side coverings​

Ezüst-fekete oldalburkolat kombináció mobilszínpad takaráshoz

​Assembly instructions

The Tomkostage TS3 stage system is unrivalled by any other manufacturer in terms of speed of dismantling. Unlike other staging systems, the Tomkostage can be optimally and quickly assembled with just two people. Speed of construction build and dismantle With the updated assembly instructions, anyone can learn how to build it.

Stage construction with Tomkostage TS3 stage system

The special bonding accessories allow the construction of a superstructure barrier. Particularly useful in this application, the stable and strong structure is suitable for the construction of multi-level grandstand systems. Layher leveling, through bolted connection are all excellent features of the Tomkostage TS3

Construction of Tomkostage TS3 stage system in the castle of Mosonmagyaróvár.

Decorative, robust and weatherproof. It fits perfectly into the picturesque beauty of Mosonmagyaróvár Castle. Also has related references from Hungary and Slovakia. The short film was produced by Mage Pictures.

Tomkostage TS3 extreme high load demonstration

This test cannot be performed more than once for many staging systems. The load capacity of the Tomkostage TS3 is well described by the fact that the almost 5 tonne off-road vehicle was subjected to a load greater than the rated load capacity of the stage, yet the test was conducted without damage or deformation.​


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