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Extremely durable, self-leveling mobile stage

 A mobile stage system made in Slovakia, in the European Union, representing the highest quality available. Join Tomkonetwork and rent and hire through the rental network!

Only the best quality, the most stable Tomkostage TS3 stages available, with all important EU approvals and certificates.


The mobile stage we are proud of

Absolute premium quality, ultra-lightweight stage elements, hassle-free construction and dismantling, good prices, extra high load capacity. Available in a variety of shapes, be it rectangular, circular or triangular. Custom stage construction is also available in any size and shape.

Tomko aims to design the best stage in the world. The third version has now arrived in Hungary.

What else?

But wait there is more,...

Lightning fast construction and dismantling, market leading weight per load ratio, ultra stable handrail and staircase, any shape, even LED-lit, DMX controllable plexiglass panels. 

Extremely durable stage, tested in extreme conditions, with 3 years full warranty! In our opinion, there is no equal or rival on the market. Stage rental from Tomko mobile stage!


​Robust support structures

The installed trussing can be further braced with additional aluminium trussing and double clamps.
Both aluminium clamps and Tomkostage stage footing parts can be connected to each other by attaching double clamps, thus, weatherproof/stormproof/wind-proof constructions are easily constructed.

Stack structures

In order to install non-suspended LED walls with the proper minimal height combined with the necessarysafety one needs to install a TAF truss frame combined with a Tomkostage support system. This guarantees for safety as well as speedy installation.

Chain hoists structures

Frames equipped with truss winch carriages can support LED displays at greater ease and faster assembly. In case of sudden storms the installation can be lowered in no time at all. There is no need to install a complete four-legged truss system or stage roofing in order to put up an LED wall. A two-legged suspension will provide you with faster installation and disassembling times as well as lower costs.

Fixed truss frame construction

Available for up to LED displays with 3.5m width. Even for installation in windy or waterside locations with high load bearing capacity.

Reinforced TAF LED frame for safe suspension of high-mass LED displays

These frames come complete with static calculations including maximum suspended weight, maximum wind speed as well as riging parameters. Truss winch carriages allow for simple installation and quick lowering in case of a sudden storm.

Reinforced fixed truss frame

TAF's specially-developed LED frames were designed to safely hold LED displays of hundreds of kilogrammes, even in outdoor conditions.

TAF aluminium trussing and roofing

We provide fix-legged or winch carriage stage roofing systems ranging from the size of 6 by 4 metres (4-legged) up to 16 by 12 metres (8-legged) complete with TÜV certificates and static documentation.

TAF roof with 6 towers

Market-leading aluminium truss system design and manufacturing

TAF (Truss Aluminium Factory) has been present on the market since 1998. Over this period they have become one of the leading companies in manufacturing aluminium truss systems. Their trussing systems are marketed all over the world as one of the best products available. Variability, low mass, flexibility and user-friendly handling are the essential features which have to be identified as the basic traits of a reliable trussing system.

Highest quality material, a strictly controlled welding process, thorough testing and top-notch packaging make TAF products what they really are. TAF systems are used for small-scale lighting installations through expo stands up to large-scale stage trussing. Trussing is used in the entertainment and music industry and corporate events, what is more, by architects and designers as well.

The team of Tomkostage Central Europe

Balázs Pető, head of sales

Commercial Manager for the Central European market

Gergely Sarbó, management

Managing Director of Tomkostage Central Europe

Zoltán Nagy, back office

Customer Relations Officer supporting the Central and Southern European activities of the back office in Pilisvörösvár

Róbert Kosztka, supporting structures

Tomkostage Central Europe's technical manager and expert in support structures and mobile stages

Ernő Simits, sales

Tomkostage Central Europe's Croatian and Slovenian regional head of sales